Li'l Ol' Me

Colin Graham attended Sheridan College firstly to complete a three-year program in Classical Animation, but switched to their film program after completing year one. However, after working in various crew positions in the TV and Film industry, he returned to animation in a freelance capacity. Since then, he has created 2D animation and graphics for various TV programs, music videos, CD covers and web sites. To date, he has created three short films: “Mr. Slow Burn In ‘Drinking Problem’ (animated, 2003),” “Flux (live action, 2006),” and “Train Of Thought (live action/animation, 2009).” Currently, he specializes in animation and editing for the corporate sector.

  He survives by his wife Tracy, his daughter Katie, his son Declan, as well as two dogs and a cat, which he soon hopes to splice together in order to avoid remembering five separate names.